Problem: Wet Crawl Space

Wet Crawl Space

The crawl space in your home is often the hardest to access so when you find moisture or leaks in this area it is usually not something you want to deal with. However, leaving moisture here for long periods of time can potentially lead to more serious problems. Moisture can cause exposed wooden support beams and floor joists to rot, warp and decay in your crawl space, damaging the structural integrity of your home. Health hazardous mold and bacteria flourish in dark, damp spaces so it is essential that you keep your crawl space clean and dry.

If you notice any of the following warning signs, please contact us as soon as you can to schedule a consultation with our team of professionals:

  • You smell musty and moldy odors on the first and second floor of your home
  • The first floor of your home is sagging in certain areas or feels un-level
  • You notice puddles around the crawl space outside your home
  • You have a frequent bug infestation - they could potentially be coming up from the crawl space area


Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation

We use the Healthy Living Encapsulation System from SafeBasements™ to repair and seal the area under your home. When your crawl space isn't sealed moisture, excessive humdity, and unwanted critters all cause issues in your home. We install a white, durable vapor barrier attached to the wall and floor surfaces. It permanently seals off your crawl space from the outside environment so it stays safe, dry, and healthy. No moisture means no mold growth and no wood rot.

With every encapsulation job, we install a special drain system designed to improve water drainage underneath the floor liner. Thanks to its 100% polypropylene design, it will never experience problems with moisture damage unlike other systems on the market. Since every home is different we have different liners available to fit your home's needs.

SafeBasements™ Crawl Space Sump Pumps

Encapsulated Crawl Space With Sump Pump Installed

For extra protection against leaks, we install a sump pump to remove any excess water under your home. It is installed quickly and features a pit or "basket" that accumulated water is stored in. Once water inside the pit reaches a certain level, it is pumped out away from your home to a drain located a safe distance from your foundation.


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