Problem: Foundation Wall Cracks

Cracks in your basement wall do not look like they could be a sign of a serious problem and often go unnoticed. Until they start letting water seep into your home - which is what commonly happens if they are not repaired. Foundation cracks can be in a stair-step, horizontal, or vertical pattern often caused be settlement of your home, concrete shrinkage, or from hydrostatic pressure being applied to the walls. In some instances a crack could be an indicator of an even more serious structural problem. If there are water stains on your walls and floor thecracks have started to seep, and need to be repaired immediately.


Liquid Urethane Injection

foundation crack injectionWe use a liquid urethane material to prevent future basement wall leaks. First, the surface of the crack will be cleaned off so that dirt and debris don't get into it during the repair process. Next, the urethane material is injected into the opening, permanently sealing the crack. Once dry, you can paint over the repaired crack to match the rest of your basement interior or exterior finish.


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