Problem: Foundation Settlement

Settlement is a common structural problem that most homeowners will face. All homes experience some settling after the first few years of construction without causing any problems to the structural integrity of your home. Usually issues occur if your home was built on poor soil or if there are changes in the conditions and moisture content. This causes the soil to compact around your home creating a space under your foundation that it starts to sink into. Poor quality materials or techniques used during construction may also cause your foundation to start sinking but this is not as common.

cracks around door frame

If you have noticed any of the following signs on the interior or exterior of your home, you could have a potential foundation problem:

  • Windows and doors are hard to open or close
  • You can see cracks on the inside and outside of your foundation walls
  • There are cracks in the wall around the corners of window and door frames
  • One or more sides of your home is visibly sinking into the ground


SafeBase™ Push Piers

push piers

Installing push piers shifts the weight of your home off of the poor soil and onto the piers themselves. Our piers are made from strong, solid metal materials engineered to support the weight of your home. Over time, they push your home back up to the correct level and prevent future sinking of your home's foundation.

Installing Push Piers

The piers are hydraulically driven into the ground through a bracket attached to the foundation footing. Once they reach stable soil the weight of the structure is transferred through the pier to the load-bearing soil or bedrock below. The stable soil level is determined by load testing each of the piers as they are being installed.

SafeBase™ Helical Piers

helical piers

Helical piers differ from push piers in that they are "screwed" into the stable, load-bearing strata beneath your home. These types of pier products are utilized in new construction homes or large properties. They can be installed quickly and in any weather condition thanks to the minimal excavation needed for installation.


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