Problem: Cove Joint Leaks

leaky basement

A cove joint is the area in your basement where the wall and floor meet. Basement seepage is a common issue found around cove joints especially if there is a rising and falling water table around your home. The constant change in the soil puts pressure on your basement walls and floors, pushing water and moisture in through the cove joint.

It is extremely important that you repair this type of basement leak. Moisture will stain your walls and floors, potentially leading to water damage to your floor coverings or any valuables you have stored in this area of your home. If you have a finished basement or any intentions of finishing it in the future it is essential that you repair any leaks coming from the joint to prevent further, far more extensive damage.

Most waterproofing companies believe that the best solution to this kind of problem is to seal off the cove joint. However, we feel this will cause a lot more harm than good. When you seal this area off, hydrostatic pressure created from the changing water table will continue to put extreme amounts of pressure on the joint. The seal will eventually break and you will find water your basement once again.


Divert Water With The Safe Edge™ System

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Our water diversion system is said to be one of the most advanced waterproofing systems on the market today. We install a rubber seal around the cove joint that diverts water to the multi-flow drain tile system under your basement. The rubber seal keeps moisture and dangerous gasses, such as radon from coming through the cove area into your family's home. We offer different options for both finished, and unfinished basements.

The wide profile design easily diverts water away from your basement through the drainage system and into a sump pump. We install a clear lid onto the sump pump basket or “pit” so you can visually see that the system is working. During installation, we also put in a battery backup sump for extra protection against flooding in the event that your main pump fails, or if you lose power during a vicious storm.

As one of the most advanced systems on the market today, Safe Edge™ also works incredibly fast. Water is drained away much quicker than other more traditional systems and products offered to homeowners.


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Installed interior drain in our basement.

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