Problem: Basement Window Well

Your window wells can easily fill up with water if the drain in them isn't working like it should or is clogged up with debris. Also, a lot of homes we see don't even have drains or covers installed on the wells. This can cause a lot of problems, especially in older homes where the basement windows already have fragile or weak seals around them. If this sounds like your home, then it is likely time to get brand new windows installed which are much more efficienct, safer, and less prone to letting water seep inside.

As a homeowner, you might be wanting to know what warning signs to be on the lookout for which may indicate that you have a problem with leaks and your window well. The most obvious sign would be if you see water dripping down the wall and onto the floor. Also, the water may be dried, but you could still see the stains on the walls where it once was. You may also walk around your foundation and notice that the window wells are filled up with water. If you notice any of these signs, you need to get in touch with us immediately to stop any additional damage in or around your home.


Egress Windows

We can install replacement basement windows which are known as egress windows. In most areas, it is now in the building codes that these special windows need to be installed if the homeowner has any intention of finishing the basement or has any bedroom, living, or sleeping areas in this space. They are designed to be easy to use in case of an emergency. If there is something blocking you from getting out of the basement through the first floor of the home, such as a fire, it will be life-saving to have a way out through a basement. 

These windows open easily and the wells often have stair or ladder-crevices on them which make it very easy for a person to climb out to ground level.Also, these new windows will have a special drain in the well which can be connected to an existing or new waterproofing system. When it rains or you have melting snow on your lawn, water inside the wells will be drained away and into a sump pump or some other type of waterproofing device so that it doesn't build up and cause problems like your old windows.

For existing window wells we can install window well covers and drain systems.


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Foundation Repair & Egress Window Installation in Lisbon, ND

Fixed our foundation walls and installed a new egress window.