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Jesse Trebil along with his wife Lori began Trebil Foundation Systems almost 20 years ago in Minnesota. From its humble origin, with a lot of hard work and innovative ideas we have developed our company into what has become probably the most highly regarded basement waterproofing and foundation repair network in the states we serve.  From Minnesota, Wisconsin to Iowa and North and South Dakota we have installed over 10,000 jobs - all backed up with our guarantee and warranties.

Jesse holds all the patents on the exclusive line of products offered by SafeBasements™.  These products are sold only to competent contractors that adhere to follow the same high quality standard which has made Trebil Foundation Systems an innovator in both client satisfaction and product dependability in Minnesota.

Our family started out waterproofing basements in the early 1970’s. We've put in drain tile and tube systems for the majority of those years. We recognized the necessity for something far better and developed the SafeBasements™ Waterproofing System.

After looking into all the products available on the market, we discovered that most nationwide waterproofing company’s products failed to resolve the main concerns we had. We feel a strong obligation to supply our clients with the absolute best. That's our responsibility as industry experts. It seems like the industry as a whole has gone to ease of installment, rather than quality, and then backed with very impressive marketing and advertising campaigns. The client seems to lose in the end and the contractor’s reputation is sacrificed.

We feel it is crucial to lower the water table beneath the flooring and dry the subsoil, giving the homeowner a dry floor and dry air within the basement. A lot of companies neglect to dry the basement appropriately and resort to up selling a costly home dehumidifier (studies at the University of Minnesota state dehumidifiers only cause even more damage).

We, as an industry, can't carry on and turn a blind eye to the radon problem. I had a professor inform me that, “all waterproofing contractors are crooks!” He said “You guys save the structure from water and kill the folks inside with radon”. We don't desire to be a part of that problem! At SafeBasements Waterproofing we're responding to the issues other waterproofing companies pay no attention to. Our line of products is much more advanced than the competitors and is built to give customers more than they anticipate.

Our dealers can be assured they shall be offering the very best, since our system is utilizing leading edge technology, created making use of our nearly 4 decades of experience, while consulting with technical engineers and professors which study these problems. That's exciting, I never want to sell the number 2 or 3 product. As a company owner, I feel an obligation to my customers and my staff members to have simply the best.

It is our promise that we will provide training, fine quality products, and do continuous research that is done with an open mind to ensure we offer only what we believe is the best solution.


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